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Care for details

The success of a business meeting, negotiations or a Board of Directors meeting also depends on the location and the atmosphere in which they are held.

This is why Business Lounge has devoted special attention to the tiniest details of its facilities, but also to the services it provides, as we are convinced that quality and world-class products are the result not only of efficiency and beauty, but, above all, of the emotions that certain details and care can stir in one's guests, creating a pleasant, unforgettable memory, thereby really making the difference.

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We have chosen the name “Business Lounge” drawing inspiration for both the name and the concept from the world of airports, particularly the large international hubs where, over the years, lounges, furnished offices, and comfortable areas for businessmen have been opened, offering their clients the chance to make the best of their travelling time by holding business meetings and involving other managers travelling from various cities and countries. Starting from this format, we have added our experience in the luxury hotel industry, turning our facilities into centres that promote the culture of hospitality, welcoming their clients with the greatest care and truly unique services.

Fiammetta Ariani
A&P Services S.r.l. CEO
Business Lounge Division
Fiammetta Ariani A&P Services