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Finger Food

We can offer you simple, top-quality catering services thanks to our long-standing partners. Be it a small buffet or a lunch served at a table for businessmen that want to continue their meeting without wasting time, food always comes as finger food, very easy to manage and enjoy.
Available services: cocktail (appetizers), buffet, quick lunch, welcome coffee, coffee break, coffee station, business lunches in a private room, refreshments with table service during a meeting.

Some formats

Quick: easy catering service served at the meeting table
Prices from € 10 per person (savoury and sweet amuse bouche (single-bite hoers d’oeuvres), small sandwiches with cured meat, small chunks of Parmesan cheese, water, coffee)

buffet lunch
Prices from € 13 per person (savoury and sweet amuse bouche (single-bite hoers d’oeuvres), a first course served in a cup, a second course served in a cup, water, coffee)

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