Working Areas

Executive offices

Some areas can be furnished as executive offices, with a large articulated desk allowing to welcome several guests. Our clients can rely upon the reception desk, managed by staff boasting a long-standing experience in the communication sector, capable of tackling any and all possible issues.

Presidential offices

Approximately 40 sq m areas are made available to host presidential offices furnished with a large desk and a meeting table. These offices too can be used for a day only or for longer periods.

Representative offices

Our location, the areas available, and the way they are organised and managed – undoubtedly our main strength - ensure a very high-profile image. If you are an Italian or foreign Company looking for a prestigious location to open a representative office in Milan, this is the perfect solution for you.

Ufficio rappresentanza Milano
Ufficio dirigenziale Milano
Noleggio sala colloqui Milano
Ufficio presidenziale Milano
Ufficio ufficio direzionale Milano