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A ‘scented identity’

In our constant search for excellence, we wanted Business Lounge's identity to be also defined a fragrance. This is why we decided to twin our image with that of Torre of Tuscany e i Profumi del Forte niche fragrances, which also includes a world-class line of home fragrances, unique creations that combine the intangible charm of sweet-smelling aromas and the elegance of stylish shapes.

This exclusive choice is also reflected in the hand-engraved glass containers, true works of art that reflect Tuscan craftsmanship, These fragrances are born in Forte dei Marmi and pay tribute to some of the most beautiful places in Tuscany, from which they take their names, evoking magic atmospheres: from Fiesole to Montalcino, from the Argentario to Capalbio.

Why Tuscany? Because “made in Tuscany” products are by now universally recognized as a synonym of excellence all over the world and because they represent the origins of Business Lounge, which - while being currently based in Milan and in the Brianza area - deepens its roots in Tuscany.