Working Areas

Lounge with shared desks

Our Hospitality Desk is located at the entrance near the Secretary’s Office and features several quick-use shared desks with computers, a coffee station, some bookshelves and complimentary products - a very practical solution that offers a reference location in Milan at very affordable prices. A small adjacent room is available for short private meetings, and there is also a co-working area with several workstations.


Our shared working area is unique: we understand co-working as a series of individual workstations seating a maximum of 3 people sharing a fully-equipped lounge, to be used only when needed. The lounge is adjacent to another room for private meetings and to the Secretary’s Office. This area can be rented for a day only, for a week or for longer, always at competitive prices, thereby reducing the fixed costs of a traditional office.

Coworking Milano
Condivisione Milano Gran Sasso
Corner area lounge
Co-working Milano
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