Working Areas

Working areas that can be customized to the client’s needs

All areas and workstations are wired, equipped with air conditioning, an Internet and Wi-Fi connection, a CCTV system, and an alarm system connected to a Security Company. A cleaning service is guaranteed daily.

BUSINESS LOUNGE offers a wide range of workstations and temporary offices that can be furnished and fitted in various ways from time to time, depending on the Client's specific needs.

Its main strength lies in its location: a prestigious building dating from 1927 - a magnificent example of Milanese Deco architecture that is the perfect backdrop and 'container' for modern and functional furniture that includes both antiques and design items, flawlessly and stylishly blending charm, glamour and technology to make our clients’ stay as pleasant as possible, also thanks to a great care for details, top-quality service and the added value we offer, in the atmosphere typical of an exclusive private residence rather than that of a temporary office.