Working Areas


Our rooms and halls are truly exclusive, and our centre is located in a central, strategic area of the city: this is why they are ideal to host temporary showrooms in various sectors. Moreover, the support we offer is added value, already included in the room rental price. You will even have available a butler that will take care of everything: from collecting the incoming goods to setting up the showroom, from managing the showroom when it is open, all the way to breakdown operations and the shipping of your materials. We are offering you highly charming areas having various sizes and fully equipped, with clothing racks, mirrors and all you need to show your products at best.

Virtual showroom

A virtual temporary showroom that can be a reference for those who want to display their products but have no facilities in Milan? Just name it!
We are proposing two ‘being-there-without-actually-being-there’ possible formats:

BASIC Virtual Showroom:
- use of the centre’s address, that can be specified on both paper documentation and the Internet
- dedicated phone number
- product storage 
- logo of the Company displayed on the panel in the entrance hall.

PLUS Virtual Showroom:
- use of a prestigious address, that can be specified on both paper documentation and the Internet
- a dedicated phone number with customised answering service or call diversion to another company phone number
- showroom available upon reservation
- showroom building-up and breakdown
- a dedicated person from our staff, specifically trained to meet your Clients
- storage of products, samples, materials and catalogues
- logo of the Company displayed in the palace entrance hall.

Noleggio showroom Milano
Show room a tempo Milano
Affitto showroom Milano
Aree show-room Milano
Temporary show room Milano
Noleggio spazi Milano