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Design and Antiques

Where is our centre?
In a building dating back to 1927, an example of Milanese art-deco
What does our centre look like?
Parquet flooring and inlays take back to the atmosphere of times long gone by.
What characterises our centre?
World-class, innovative furniture, conceived by great designers like Philippe Stark or Antonio Citterio for Italian brands like Calligaris and Kartell.
Only to provide some examples, we have chosen Calligaris and Avantgarde metal and glass tables characterised by essential, minimal lines by Target, le Mademoiselle, Gnomo d’Oro, and TopTop tables by Philippe Stark.

All this modern furniture is in contrast both with the sumptuousness of the building and with some antiques in 1930s middle-European style.

Art-déco Milanese
Business Lounge Milano
Spazio Fornasetti Centenario Milano
Salone Business Lounge
Ufficio con affreschi Milano
Antiquariato Business Lounge
Arredo fornasetti Milano
Fornasetti Business Lounge Milano
Spazio design milano
Calligaris business lounge Milano
Arredo Kartell Milano