About Us

A team of professionals

Stylish private areas, ready-to-use workstations, deicated support, unmatched flexibility: this is Business Lounge

Our Centre can rely upon a team of experienced professionals ready to support the businessmen that use our facilities and capable of meeting any and all possible needs: understanding the urgency of an issue, giving the best answer when a phone call is received, finding and booking a restaurant, a show, as well as plane or train tickets, and anything else that may release our clients from any unwanted practical tasks.

In addition to this, our staff has specific marketing and communication skills, and also includes external consultants in several fields to whom you can refer your clients.

Fiammetta Ariani Business Lounge
Staff Business Lounge
Professionisti Business Lounge

Communication: one of the feathers in our cap

We have evolved, we have changed, and now we have become Business Lounge. However, we have not lost our natural passion for communication.

We were first established as Ariani & Partners, a communication company that has gained solid experience over the last 30 years, standing out for its prestigious clients, who operate in various sectors including the luxury industry, particularly the international hotel business. This successful combination makes us truly unique among Business Centres.