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Imagine one day of work
in Milan and Brianza

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A reference centre in Milan for travelling businessmen and businesswomen

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Staterooms for
events and meetings

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A Comfortable classrooms
for training courses

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Stylish meeting rooms
for prestigious meetings

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The perfect venue to set up
private showrooms

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Exclusive furnished offices

Stylish, unique business lounges

Established in 2001 in Milan as the first Italian ‘Business Lounge’, a concept that was even chosen as the Company’s name, BUSINESS LOUNGE anticipated a need of the Office World of the third millennium:: that of finding an exclusive reference location for always-on-the-move professionals and businessmen, managers, entrepreneurs, freelances, and consultants that often travel to Milan for work.


The main objective was to offer a special venue managed in the spirit of the true culture of hospitality:: no more traditional, sterile, vapid temporary offices, but, as the name suggests, a “business lounge" featuring stylish areas that can be customised to the different needs of travelling businessmen, creating a pleasant environment that stands out for their truly unique features.


A wide range of services and ready-to-use rooms and areas is available: from ‘quick-use’ shared desks and workstations to small rooms for private talks, having various sizes and characteristics, all the way to staterooms, classrooms, temporary showrooms, meeting rooms, as well as operation, executive and presidential offices and offices for professionals. In addition to all this, these facilities can boast a strategic location in town, in a prestigious palace built in 1927, a magnificent example of Milanese Deco architecture.

Top Club Business Lounge

The ‘Club’ Formula

Top Club by Business Lounge is a prepaid card that allows to use several services for free or at preferential prices.
It is extremely convenient and the ideal solution not only for businessmen that travel to Milan from time to time, but also for anyone needing a postal address and an occasional workplace whenever they need to stay in Milan. If you simply need to use your PC and check your mail, send an e-mail or surf the Internet, there is no need to book: the shared desks are always ready for use and available for card holders. The Top Club card can be requested at any time during the year and is valid for 12 months.
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even small numbers are welcome

even small numbers are welcome Business Lounge da sempre riserva un occhio di riguardo a chi deve organizzare riunioni di piccole e medie dimensioni, offrendo soluzioni anche solo per 4 persone con un rapporto qualità-prezzo estremamente interessante. Il Day Package prevede un numero minimo di 4 fino ad arrivare a 24 partecipanti ed è la proposta ideale per chi ha bisogno di uno spazio nell’arco di tutta la giornata. La sua tariffa include, oltre alla sala riunioni per 8 ore, il Wi-Fi (fibra ottica 300 MEGA), la videoproiezione, la lavagna a fogli mobili, caffè americano, tè e acqua durante tutta la giornata, snack dolci e salati, lunch finger food. Se invece la sala serve solo per mezza giornata, l'opzione migliore è l'Half Day Package. Si parte da 4 fino a 30 partecipanti e comprende: lo spazio per mezza giornata, il Wi-Fi (fibra ottica 300 MEGA), la videoproiezione, la lavagna a fogli mobili, caffe americano, tè e acqua durante tutta la giornata, snack dolci e salati.

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I tried to ‘channel’ into the Office world all the experience I have gained by working for 30 years in the PR sector of the international luxury hotel industry.
BUSINESS LOUNGE aims to embody a new way of conceiving work spaces: a unique venue in terms of location, services, furniture and atmosphere.

Fiammetta Ariani
A&P Services S.r.l. Sole Director
Business Lounge Division
Fiammetta Ariani A&P Services